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Bertaggia (Dream Racing): “Motorsports Has Been Our Passion”

Sportscar365 catches up with Dream Racing CEO Enrico Bertaggia…

Photo: Dream Racing

Photo: Dream Racing

Dream Racing Competition is the newest team to enter IMSA competition, with the Las Vegas-based squad planning to field a Lamborghini Huracan GT3 in the remainder of the WeatherTech SportsCar Championship season, as well as multiple entries in the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo North America series.

Headed up by ex-Formula One driver and sports car veteran Enrico Bertaggia, the ambitious start-up operation is built off the Italian’s successful driving experience program — under the same name — at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, which was founded in 2012, and is one of the biggest in the world.

Sportscar365 caught up Bertaggia for further insight into the formation of his new team.

Tell us about the Dream Racing and how it’s allowed you to expand into motorsports…

“A lot of connections has brought me from my ex-work of being a professional race car driver to being an entrepreneur, come here to Vegas, open an activity in a city that’s very difficult, and run a successful company.

“We have around 50 cars of every kind, both street-legal and non street-legal. We have the Ferrari GT3, we have the Huracan Super Trofeo. We have about 25,000 to 30,000 clients per year, which is quite a lot.

“We have an activity that doesn’t have anything to do with racing but it’s our core business.

“We’re not a racing team that has to live off [racing] money. Myself and my business partner comes from motorsport, which has been our passion.”

Did that lead to the decision of starting a team?

“Being a partner with Lamborghini on a lot of things, I also want to do a Super Trofeo team because I believe that the format of the championship is good for the client. There’s a lot of categories and beautiful race tracks. It’s a nice championship and is a pleasure for me to be back in motorsport.

“Of course we’re running a car with a gentleman driver, so we’re not going there and saying, ‘OK, let’s go play with the big dog.’ I want to stay with my foot down on the floor and get the maximum out of it, no matter who is driving the car.”

Given your connections with other manufacturers, what made you choose Lamborghini?

“Being an ex-race car driver, I know how frustrating that I was when I had no consideration from the manufacturers. Being a champion and winning the Italian F3 Championship, Monte Carlo and Macau [F3 races] and not having been considered by one manufacturer, it was really bad for me in my career.

“I still remember that moment where I said, ‘Hey, what do I have to do to show how good I am?’

“Seeing what Lamborghini is doing for the young drivers is something that I give a lot of respect to. I believe the potential is huge, The Super Trofeo car, for example, is faster than the GT3. It’s a real car.

“Having this company, I have the luxury of who I choose to work with. I don’t sell cars. I’m not attached to anybody and my business is working well. With Lamborghini, I’ve found the right partner.”

How many cars are you planning to enter in Super Trofeo?

“It’s a good question. I’m prepared to do six cars. I have the resources. But it’s so early in the season. Customer don’t make the decision yet.”

What are your goals for the team’s first season?

“I’d like to have a beautiful, efficient and nice atmosphere in the team. I don’t have the control of the results. But what I can have the control is to give my drivers and organization the efficiency and atmosphere in the team that’s difficult to replicate in other teams.

“That’s why my job will be to check and control my technicians, the team manager, etc are doing their job professionally. But they have to be happy to be there. That’s my goal. The results will come. Second is the first of the losers.”

John Dagys is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sportscar365. Dagys spent eight years as a motorsports correspondent for and SPEED Channel and has contributed to numerous other motorsports publications worldwide. Contact John

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