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Continental Tire IMSA Spotlight: Scott Pruett

This week’s Continental Tire IMSA Spotlight: Scott Pruett

Photo: Richard Dole/IMSA

IMSA Spotlight: Scott Pruett
Driver: 3GT Racing No. 14 Lexus RC F GT3
Follow: @scottpruett01

The performance of the team seems to be trending up in the last few races. Where have you found the biggest gains from the start of the season?

“Understanding the Lexus RC F GT3 better. It has not been one big thing; it’s all the smaller pieces coming together to improve our performance.”

What aspects of the development work on the new Lexus RC F GT3 do you enjoy the most?

“First it is the Lexus culture and the people. [Group Vice President and General Manager for Lexus] Jeff Bracken and [Executive Vice President – Sales, Toyota Motor North America] Bob Carter are two tremendous guys.

“Second is seeing the continual performance improvements and finding the key to unlock the understanding of what the car likes. We haven’t quite opened the door yet however we do have the key in the lock and are ready to pull that sucker open.”

What has the experience of being the elder statesman in the team’s driver lineup been like?

“Fun! I have very much enjoyed working with Sage [Karam], Jack [Hawksworth], and Robert [Alon]. I share as much wisdom as I can with them. I think if they only hear 30 percent of what I’m saying, I’m doing good!”

What would you consider to be a successful finish to the season this year?

“We are knocking on the door of a win. A questionable IMSA penalty drive through at Watkins Glen certainly hurt our chances. At [Canadian Tire Motorsport Park] it was great to start first only to have issues on our first pit stop. We’ll get there!”

What prompted you to start saying ‘Hi to your family at home’ in all of your TV interviews? Do you remember when it began?

“My son. When I was doing NASCAR in 2000 he was very young, and when he watched the TV and saw me, my wife said he thought I was in it and touched the screen, so she said to say hi to him.

“I couldn’t leave anyone out so I said ‘Hi to my family at home.’ It’s a very special thing. They loved it and still do, and as it turns out so do many fans. Many fans come up to me each and every race and say how cool it is!”

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