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Racers in Isolation: Albert Costa

Albert Costa takes a break from doing chores in his race overalls to answer our questions…

Photos: Instagram albertcostabalboa

Sportscar365 is contacting drivers from around the world to ask what they’re doing during the COVID-19 pandemic and how they’re coping with the racing downtime.

Lamborghini factory driver and reigning International GT Open champion Albert Costa (Twitter/Instagram) took a break from completing chores around the house in his race suit to feature in this edition.

Where are you sitting out the COVID-19 crisis?

I’m in Barcelona at my flat with my dog Tokio and my girlfriend, but I was very lucky because the day that they announced the quarantine, I was not in Barcelona. So lucky me that I was able to come back home!

Tell us a bit about your sim setup and what games you use.

I have a great setup. I’m an ambassador for Next Level Racing, which is one of the top factories for simulators.

And then I’m sponsored by Thrustmaster, and they give me the best products they have, so I’m the happiest guy with it all!

What music are you listening to currently?

I like a lot of rap, like Eminem, and also a bit of pop music.

But these days I’m starting to listen to some different music because I’m spending so much time with my girlfriend. You know, girlfriend stuff! 

What car are you driving on the road at the moment?

Right now I’m waiting for my new Audi RS Q3 Sportback! As Lamborghini factory drivers we have cars from the Volkswagen Group.

If you could be in charge of SRO for a day, what would you change?

I would say free entry for the public or cheaper tickets. This is something many fans ask me about.

I’d have more test days or maybe more Free Practice sessions during the race weekend. And also something with the Balance of Performance!

But at the end of the day, the SRO is doing an amazing job with the whole package. I’m happy with what they do, and [GT World Challenge Europe powered by AWS] is the best championship I’ve ever been in.

What was your first job ?

My dad had a small factory painting helmets and motorbikes, etc.

When I was young he was always pushing me to work there and learn about life; if I want money to go out with friends, or I want new shoes, nothing is going to come for free but I have to work and it will pay off!

That became a clear idea for the rest of my life.

Do you follow any other sports? If so, favorite teams?

I only really follow MotoGP and the other classes because I was born into that world, and of course my favorite rider from years ago was Valentino Rossi! I don’t like soccer or anything like that, so I’m quite strange in that way!

What’s the one thing you are most looking forward to the first day you return to a race track? 

Hmm… I’ve been thinking a lot about that! When will it be? Where will it be?

There is no special thing, just to keep my mind in the right place and push like always!

Photos: Instagram albertcostabalboa

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