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Continental Tire IMSA Driver Spotlight: Giancarlo Fisichella

This week’s Continental Tire IMSA Driver Spotlight, Giancarlo Fisichella…

Photo: Keith Rizzo/Risi Competizione

Photo: Keith Rizzo/Risi Competizione

Driver Spotlight: Giancarlo Fisichella
Driver, No. 62 Risi Competizione Ferrari F458 Italia
Follow: @OfficialFisico

Since joining Ferrari’s GT program, you’ve developed the F430…F458… and now focus shifts to the 488 GTB. What are the initial impressions you have of the 488? What will it take to develop this one?

“Next week we will have the first full time on the 488. It’s the beginning; it’s important to do lots of laps, to collect the data to understand where we need to improve. Sometimes when the car is new, there are some mechanical problems, some on the gearbox or engine. Everything is new, so it’s important to do the most laps you can do. At the moment it looks alright. I’m looking forward for next week to jump forward and do some laps.”

After Formula 1, how much have you enjoyed racing in America over the better part of now five years?

“I really enjoy it. First of all I really love the tracks, the shape of the tracks; every track is amazing. This one (VIR) is one of my favorites. But even the others are really good ones to race on. I love the atmosphere. The atmosphere is fantastic, especially coming on the race day. It’s nice to see that.

“In the WEC championship, it’s a bit different apart from Le Mans and a couple of other races… it seems some races are nearly empty. Here it’s always full. The atmosphere is fantastic. It’s easy. It’s good to be around. Very friendly.”

You’ve had several podiums but it’s been kind of an up-and-down year for you guys. How would you rate the season thus far?

“It’s been a tough season. The first race we were competitive and we had the problem on the electrical side. We were leading after 11 hours in Daytona. But it was a good race for us for sure.

“Then we scored a couple good second places, like at Sebring. Then apart from Road America our pace was not good, because of the BoP, but that was not the main problem. The main problem for us was different compound of tires. Now we had a good compound for our car, and it looks better. I hope we can use the same compound for Atlanta but it is difficult. We will see.”

What is it like for you to work with Pierre Kaffer?

“It’s really good. He has so much experience in this category. He’s raced already with Risi… I think he’s been there since 2008 or 2009. When I did the first race with him, I had a very good feeling. We have a very good friendship. We have the same feeling, and the most important thing is we can setup the car as we like, because we have the same style of driving.”

Outside of driving, you DJ and have your own coffee line. How did you get involved in both of those areas?

“With being a DJ, it was my passion since I was young, as a child. A couple of years ago I started to play, and now it’s a kind of business too. I have a contract with an agency in Milan, and I go around Europe even around the world, and I play. I played last week in Ibiza, which is the hot spot! I’ve played Barcelona, Abu Dhabi, and lots of places. I like it. It’s my big passion.

“There’s a lot of good DJs. So I don’t know who my favorite is. I like DJ Sinclair, David Guetta, Avicii… and one of the best and youngest DJs now is Martin Garrix.

“About the coffee… well, you need to do something different in the life!”

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