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Lamborghini Super Trofeo NA

Ockey, Eidson Look to Wrap Up Pro-Am Title at Laguna Seca

Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America Pro-Am title could be wrapped up this weekend…

Photo: Jamey Price/Lamborghini

The success that Jake Eidson and Damon Ockey have achieved this season in the Pro-Am class of Lamborghini Super Trofeo North America can be attributed to many things, including similarity in stature.

“We’re about the same size,” Ockey said, “So getting in and out of the car is easy. We can get a driver change done in about 25 seconds, which is perfect.”

Of course, it takes a pretty keen driving ability as well, something Eidson and Ockey have demonstrated all season long in the No. 09 US RaceTronics Lamborghini Super Trofeo Huracan Evo.

Heading into this weekend’s fifth round, which is the last in North America, at WeatherTech Raceway Laguna Seca, the duo has been dominant in winning seven of the first eight races in class.

“I couldn’t honestly ask for a better teammate,” Eidson said of Ockey. “Damon is really easy to work with. We both kind of feed off of each other’s knowledge.

“For a lot of these tracks, it’s the first time I’ve been to them in the Lamborghini, so Damon fills me in and brings me up to speed.

“If either one of us finds any little details that can help the other out, we’re both very open-minded. I think that helps us.”

Ockey echoed his teammate’s sentiments.

“It’s been great working with Jake, too, because he’s an exceptional driver, super-fast,” Ockey said. “He’s like half my age but super-fast.

“It’s good to get his input on the (racing) line and driving; he helps out a lot that way. He’s made me a better driver just by learning some different skills that I didn’t have – different lines, different car setups.”

The goal for each doubleheader race weekend, the drivers said, is to race hard but race clean. Bringing the No. 09 home in one piece is paramount.

“It’s not about taking unnecessary risks if you don’t need to,” Ockey said. “Don’t race people that aren’t in your class and drive as fast as you can.”

To which Eidson added, “The Lamborghinis are not cheap cars, so we try not to do anything – not send the car off track anything like that.”

This year marks the first time Eidson or Ockey have worked in a co-driver situation, and they’ve taken a liking to it. It does, however, require adjustments to the race mentality.

“When you drive with a co-driver, you have to change your whole style where you have to bring at least a little of that car back for that driver if you’re going first,” Ockey said.

“He and I do the same thing. We try to minimize tire wear and save tires for each other, just so we can have a good push at the end.”

In addition to pushing to the top of the Pro-Am class each weekend, Eidson and Ockey have a secondary goal of making the overall podium.

They’ve accomplished it three times this season, something they believe is indicative of the strength of the team.

“Even though we’re a Pro-Am lineup, I’d say both of us are a solid overall lineup as well,” Eidson said.

“We love being on the ProAm podium, but we really love being on the overall podium. That’s what we really strive for.”

Ockey added: “I never count a chicken until it’s hatched, but obviously we’d love to finish off this season with two more (ProAm) wins. Our goal is also to get overall podiums and get ahead of some of the Pro cars.”

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