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Perrinn’s myTeam Website Launched

Perrinn’s Open-Source LMP1 “myTeam” website launched…


Nicolas Perrin promised an open-source project and has done so with the recent launch of the myTeam website.

The English manufacturer aims to be on the grid of the FIA World Endurance Championship in 2015 with a four-wheel drive LMP1 hybrid, which over time will be made available to download on the internet. (En Français)

Perrinn Limited’s aim is to attract partners for the construction of the car through the innovative program. MyTeam hopes to raise $4.1 million for the build of the first car, on-track testing and the development of the race team for next year.

It’s no doubt a gamble considering that OnRoak Automotive and HPD have put their LMP1 projects on hold and Rebellion Racing is the only team officially involved in LMP1-L. However, the firm instead aims to compete in LMP1-H, to go head-to-head with the likes of the factory Audi, Toyota and Porsche efforts.

We caught up with Nicolas Perrin to follow-up on the progress of the ambitious project.

What has the reaction been since the launch of myTeam?

“The early reaction has been positive. Of course, we are only at the beginning of the process, which encourages curiosity. People are interested to follow this project closely. Several competitors currently in LMP1 wished me luck and are curious about this unusual initiative. The organizers and engineers are also starting to look at us. The project is still in the full development phase.”

Is there a timetable for the online data?

“Our goal is to put the necessary data out gradually. It’s important for the marketing aspect. It should interest people and help bring in the first partners.”

Is a level of trust therefore required?

“Other manufacturers in LMP1 start to backtrack but I firmly believe in myTeam. We claim to be a different type of LMP1 manufacturer. The [traditional behavior] from other teams just reinforces my idea to do it differently. We must have a modern marketing approach and leverage social networks. All major brands are doing that, so the idea is there.”

The first files are online…

“Yes we have put some data online that consists of four parts. We could put everything up tomorrow, because it’s all ready, but that’s not the idea. Everything must be linked with partners. My wish is to take a higher gear as soon as possible.”

Has myTeam received a good response in other motorsport media?

“It has reached more and more mainstream media, including the business community and new technologies.”

We can see that the website already has a list of drivers to vote for…

“This allows us t have a database and to look closely at the results. It’s important to have the views. The site was just put online, [so it’s a first step]. People can also suggest what kind of things they would like to see on the site. MyTeam is for everyone, not just for Perrinn Limited. The next few weeks will be important next steps.”

Is there anything special planned for Le Mans this year?

“There’s always something going on during the week of Le Mans. MyTeam will be present and we’ll see in what form of the evolution of the project. We’ll be there to meet with people and ideally have a model of the car to show off.

“The main goal is to be on track in 2015. Shortly, people will be able to create the livery of the car. We will see what people will do with the 3D files.”

Laurent Mercier (@LaurentMercier2) is the Editor-in-Chief of, the leading French-language source for the latest sports car racing news from around the world.

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