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DMSB Confirms Suspensions, Announces Safety Meeting

DMSB announces round-table meeting, suspends more classes…

Photo: Vincent Wouters

Photo: Vincent Wouters

In the wake of the fatal accident at the Nürburgring on Saturday, the DMSB held a special meeting confirming the temporary ban of several classes.

After the crash it was announced the SP7, SP8, SP9, SP10, SP-PRO and SP-X classes were banned from competing in DMSB events, including the 24 Hours, until further notice.

Today it was confirmed that the Cup2 class for Porsche Carrera Cup cars, the GT cars in the H4 class for cars built before 2003, as well as the SP8T, E1-XP1, E1-XP2 and E1-XP Hybrid class will also be banned from competing at the Nordschleife for the time being.

It was also announced that the ban for cars competing in the SP10 class, which is open for SRO GT4 cars, was lifted again.

DMSB President Hans-Joachim Stuck confirmed the DMSB is working on the analysis of the accident.

“The aim is to look for solutions that enable safe and fair racing on the Nordschleife in the future,” said Stuck, adding that all options are open.

“We will sit down with all parties next week, to find out what is required to make racing safe for everyone involved.

“Circuit, spectator areas, cars, sporting regulations: everything will be discussed to find short-term solutions for the coming weeks as well as long-term solutions,” said Stuck, who went on to say it should still be possible to race at the Norschleife in 20 years.

The ’round-table’ conversation with DMSB safety and technology experts, experienced professional drivers and amateur races, as well as representatives of manufacturers, the circuit operators and representatives of the VLN and 24 Hour race will take place next Tuesday.

Marcel ten Caat (@marceltencaat) is a contributor to Sportscar365 and other publications including


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