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SPV Doesn’t Regret Failed Electric GT Commitment

SPV team principal Lars Lindberg doesn’t regret committing to Electric GT…

The boss of the only team to commit to Electric GT says he doesn’t regret putting his faith in the stalled series, and is instead thankful for the lessons he’s learned from it.

SPV Racing was an early supporter of Electric GT and its Electric Production Car Series, and owns the Tesla Model S P100D used in the series’ on-track demos and promotional events.

But with the platform’s development halted while CEO Mark Gemmell continues to seek a lead investor, SPV is embarking on a new program that will center around Portuguese hill climb competition this year.

In addition to its Tesla race plans, the company is also in the process of building an EV-focused technology center and race track in the south of Portugal.

“You can’t go around regretting things in life, you have to move on,” team principal Lars Lindberg told e-racing365.

“We learned a lot from this and if we hadn’t done it, we would not be where we are with the track and the developments we’re doing in Portugal.

“They did a good effort, but there were bits and pieces missing for it to take off. We were enthusiastic about it and I wish Mark and the guys all the best if they can get it to take off.

“Now we will use the platform for different developments and so on. We had an interest in the series, and we wanted to promote it and make it move forward.”

SPV initially committed to Electric GT in 2017 with Alvaro Fontes its first driver after racing an LMP3 car for the team in the Michelin Le Mans Cup, while Emma Kimilainen joined the program later that year.

Now, Portuguese driver Ricardo Gomes will drive the car in a ten-race hill climb program this year.

Lindberg says he remains interested in the Electric GT concept and doesn’t rule out a future involvement if the series does launch.

“If Mark can get it going, fine, we will look at it again,” he added.

“But we are pushing things forward here with the tech center and the other things that we are doing.

“Racing the car is one part of what we’re doing. It’s interesting. The technology is interesting, and we’re looking now at different ways of unleashing the full potential of the car.

“Through the season, you will see good performance from the car.”

Jake Kilshaw is a UK-based journalist. He is a graduate of Politics and International Relations.

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