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FIA Releases Provisional 2017 Driver Ratings List

FIA releases provisional list of 2017 driver ratings…


Photo: FIA

The FIA has released the provisional driver ratings list for 2017, which could have significant ramifications across the spectrum of Pro-Am sportscar racing.

Drivers are given an FIA grading based on their results, with professional drivers grouped into Platinum and Gold, while amateur drivers are listed as Silver and Bronze. This has resulted in significant controversy, with many professional drivers grouped as Silvers, creating enormous competition for seats.

Below is a list of notable changes. Drivers have two weeks to submit a request for review, with a final list expected to be out before the end of the year.

Notable Changes:
Rui Aguas — Silver to Gold
Tony Ave — Gold to Silver
Max Angelelli — Gold to Silver
Fabio Babini — Platinum to Gold
Ben Barker — Silver to Gold
Jean-Philippe Belloc — Gold to Silver
Christophe Bouchet — Platinum to Gold
Matthew Brabham — Gold to Silver
Rory Butcher — Silver to Gold
Matteo Caroli — Silver to Gold
Ryan Dalziel — Platinum to Gold
Chris Dyson — Gold to Silver
Damien Faulkner — Gold to Silver
Martin Fuentes — Silver to Bronze
John Gaw — Silver to Bronze
Antonio Giovanazzi — Gold to Platinum
Ben Hanley — Silver to Gold
Jan Heylen — Gold to Silver
Billy Johnson — Gold to Platinum
Stefan Johansson — Silver to Bronze
Ben Keating — Silver to Bronze
Phil Keen — Silver to Gold
Jan Lammers — Silver to Bronze
Thomas Laurent — Bronze to Silver
Stephane Lemeret — Gold to Silver
Corey Lewis — Bronze to Silver
Alex MacDowall — Silver to Gold
Marco Mapelli – Silver to Gold
Michael Meadows – Silver to Gold
Gustavo Menezes — Silver to Gold
Michael Mills – Silver to Bronze
Tom Onslow-Cole — Silver to Gold
Joe Osborne — Silver to Gold
Max Papis — Platinum to Gold
Tim Pappas — Silver to Bronze
Andy Pilgrim — Silver to Bronze
Alex Riberas — Silver to Gold
Michele Rugolo — Silver to Gold
Roman Rusinov — Silver to Gold
Jeff Segal — Silver to Gold
Clemens Schmid — Silver to Gold
Marco Seefried — Silver to Gold
Jan Seyffarth — Gold to Silver
Richie Stanaway — Gold to Platinum
Nicki Thiim — Gold to Platinum
Shane Van Gisbergen – Gold to Platinum
Lars Viljoen — Bronze to Silver
Andy Wallace — Gold to Silver
Adrian Zaugg — Gold to Silver

John Dagys is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sportscar365. Dagys spent eight years as a motorsports correspondent for and SPEED Channel and has contributed to numerous other motorsports publications worldwide. Contact John


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