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Continental Tire IMSA Spotlight: Marc Miller

This week’s Continental Tire IMSA Spotlight: Marc Miller

Photo: CJ Wilson Racing

Photo: CJ Wilson Racing

IMSA Spotlight: Marc Miller
Driver: No. 33 CJ Wilson Racing Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
Follow: @MarcMillerShow

You and your co-driver Till Bechtolsheimer are currently third in the championship, does that mesh with your pre-season expectations?

“I would have to say yes. Our hopes are obviously to be leading the championship, but the GS class has evolved a bit since last year and we, as a team, have executed very well in the opening two rounds of the season.

“That has lead us to be in contention, but we are still a ways from where we’d like to be.”

Were you expecting your grandfathered Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport to be as competitive relative to the new GT4 cars as it has turned out to be?

“We had no idea where we would be exactly, so I guess you could say we were hopeful.

“Candidly, our decision to remain with the GS-spec GT4 Clubsport was based on the fact we had the cars already, knew what we had and had faith that IMSA would do a solid job of integrating new cars with the current cars well.

“Our race results have proven that we have a fantastic team and a solid driver line-up able to log some strong results, but on paper, there were other cars in the field much faster.”

CJ Wilson Racing has been a home for you for much of your sports car racing career. How gratifying is it to see the team 2-3 in the standings with the sister car just one point ahead of your own?

“It is extremely gratifying to have both our No. 33 and No. 35 cars in the hunt for a championship.

“It has been a few years since we have had the ability to field two strong cars for the entire season and both the drivers and team members of both cars have really worked well together.

“I can’t say enough about Damien Faulkner as well. He was very fair to me at Daytona and I was the same way for him at Sebring.

“I feel like for our team to have the best results we need to be able to work together well and the environment right now is very good.”

What aspect of the Circuit of The Americas track do you enjoy the most?

“Austin as a city is a great place to visit and it makes it even more special because our team is based there.

“Stevan McAleer and I gave CJ Wilson Racing its first win in IMSA competition there in 2013 and we always seem to perform well there.

“It doesn’t hurt that the facility is world-class and beautiful with a little bit of everything, which makes a lot of cars competitive there on lap time, but making up time at different segments of the track, which is truly a challenge.”

Autism awareness has been a cause that is important to you for some time. What information should more people know about the condition, and what is the best way for people to help contribute to the cause?

“My oldest son Evan was diagnosed with autism ten years ago. Personally, it was an extremely difficult realization and you are immediately consumed with worry about the future.

“The good news for us was that there were some truly amazing local programs in our area that provided support to our family.

“As Evan has grown up I have had the privilege to share our stories with others and provide them the same type of moral support and advice I was given. Chances are good that anyone who is reading this, in some way, is affected by autism.

“That fact alone is an alarming one. There is also likely a local chapter of Autism Society of America that is working very hard to help both raise awareness, but more importantly create scholarship and therapy opportunities for those affected by autism.

“Just asking how you can help would be a great start to contributing – and it would make me eternally grateful.”

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