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Continental Tire IMSA Driver Spotlight: Christopher Haase

This week’s Continental Tire IMSA Driver Spotlight: Christopher Haase…

Photo: Bob Chapman/Autosport Image

Photo: Bob Chapman/Autosport Image

Driver Spotlight: Christopher Haase
Driver, No. 48 Paul Miller Racing Audi R8 LMS
Follow: @ChHaase

With just three races remaining, do you go into the final few events with a different mentality since the championship is still within range, or just maintain the same approach of trying to maximize each result?

“We still try to maximize each result. We race because we want to win. Unfortunately, we haven’t won a race right now but, on the other hand, you have to decide during the race what your chances are right then and there. If you feel through the race it may be better to just focus on good points, like we did in Road America, then you have to do that if you want to stay in touch with the front. This is a quick decision that has to be made at each race.”

This is your second season with Paul Miller Racing and racing in North America. How have you adapted to racing over here and what have you felt you’ve done better this year than in 2014?

“I have to say, when I did my first races in America, it felt a bit strange to me. I had to learn the rules, the full-course yellow stuff, little things that are just different compared to Europe. But once you got it, you will like it and I just can say for myself, I like racing in America, and I like competition.

“Of course, the second year for me is a bit easier. It is great as driver if you come to a race track which you have already driven. You just start from a different point into the weekend. I think I improved a little bit everywhere. Each year you learn a bit more about American racing and American race tracks. For myself, I feel a big improvement getting a read on a race, even in the race car. But I also have to say, I have the best support from Paul Miller Racing.”

What has Dion von Moltke been like to work with as a co-driver for this season?

“Very good so far. We have the same feeling of the car and we work hard together for our results. It’s a good combination.”

What are your favorite parts of VIR, COTA and Road Atlanta? Is there any of the three you like more than others?

“My favorite one is Road Atlanta, but VIR is close. COTA is a cool track, but just too much asphalt! The best part at VIR is definitely the “S” up the hill. It’s tough to be quick there. My favorite part at COTA is Turn 1. It’s uphill braking, so you can brake very late. Difficult to say what’s my favorite part at Road Atlanta, because this track is awesome, but going to the last corner over the hill, where the car gets very light, and during the right hander you change into compression in a faster corner, is definitely a challenge.”

What are some of your favorite hobbies or activities to do outside of driving?

“I like cycling, running and to hike through the Bavarian Mountains. I enjoy taking a break at an Alpine cabin, an almhütte, on the mountain and to have a snack, brotzeit, there with a great view. Also I like animals and there you can see a couple. And, yes before anyone asks, I own a Lederhose!”

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