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Lamborghini Super Trofeo NA

Reggiani: New Huracán Super Trofeo EVO is “Completely Redefined”

Lamborghini Chief Technology Officer on new Huracán Super Trofeo EVO…

Photo: Lamborghini

Lamborghini has taken a “completely redefined” approach for its Huracán Super Trofeo EVO, according to its R&D chief Maurizio Reggiani, with the Italian manufacturer targeting continued growth to its popular single-make series with the new-for-2018 car.

Unveiled last week, the Super Trofeo EVO will be available both as a turn-key new race car and upgrade kit for existing first-generation models, and is set to become the new standard for the North America, Europe and Asia championships. 

Sportscar365 caught up with Reggiani, the Chief Technology Officer at Lamborghini, for insight into the updates and the initial reaction from new and prospective competitors. 

Where are the major areas of improvement on the Huracán Super Trofeo EVO?

“After big periods, you expect that the car must improve, and for this reason we decided that the main area where you can improve the car is in aerodynamics and in safety.

“In aerodynamics, what we decided was to use the philosophy to take care of our customers, which are from amateur to pro, and for this reason, to improve [the acceleration].

“That is one of the fundamental points, when you come out of the corner, to be able to accelerate as fast as possible.

“The other is that to increase the safety of the car. The new car is produced with the roof hatch like GT3. We have modified the roll cage to give access to the roof hatch.

“It was clear that our customers loved to have this new product. What we did was to have the new Huracán Super Trofeo EVO, and this aerokit that is suitable [as an upgrade], so all the cars are reshaped in terms of aerokit exactly like the new one.”

Can customers upgrade the cars themselves?

“You can do everything [yourself], exactly. They are the same fixing points. You remove all of the parts and you put the new [components] on, and you will see that it is completely changed in terms of functional points.

“We have a big air scoop in the center. It gives big improvements in terms of aerodynamics and will make the engine more efficient.

“This means that there is the potential for more horsepower, 3 percent at high speed, but we know that we limited the maximum speed and this is something that from a theoretical point of view is achievable.

“What is really more important is that due to this system, you have fresh air with a kind of overboost that allows you to have much more torque in every condition, because you have much more aerodynamic efficiency and you can give a little bit more fuel and more energy to the engine.”

Do you expect most teams to upgrade their car or buy a new car?

“I think all the existing teams will update because it is mandatory to race next year. It’s really easy. But I am sure that we’ll have also many teams that are not part of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo but are looking at the car, want to join our Super Trofeo, because of performance and because of coolness of the car.

“I think this is one of the best cars that you can have.”

What has been the reaction so far?

“In Europe, it was really fantastic. We were really surprised because the car is so cool in terms of technical features but also in terms of design.

“We sold already a big number of collector cars because it is really a marvelous mix between aerodynamics and design.

“Our designer was really able to draw the aerodynamics and the target was really clear: to be able to make a car from an aerodynamic point of view that [maintains] the downforce like today’s Super Trofeo, while decreasing the drag.

“We reduced eight points on the drag, and the car can be much more faster in terms of acceleration, in terms of responsiveness, but from dynamic downforce it’s the same.

“We have increased the front splitter a little bit. This way, we create movement of the total downforce of three points in front.

‘It is much easier to drive because you have much more grip on the front when you enter the corner, and this gives much more confidence to our customers.

“[For] many, it’s their first time approaching racing, a new track, and they must really [have an easy car to drive] and not so complicated from an aerodynamic point of view.”

Do you think the EVO will attract drivers from other single-make championships to Super Trofeo?

“I think when you see the car you will understand why I answer yes. The car is something that is completely redefined.

“Also, the fact that we are the first GT car to use this central fin that is normally used only on LMP category or Formula 1 category, this gives much more stability in the long corners, the fast cornering of the car, and it also gains the question of trust that the driver is able to go fast in a long corner.

“All of this is really something possible.”

How long is Lamborghini committed to running the Super Trofeo EVO in its championships?

“I think normally we take a commitment of three years where we maintain the car like it is, because at the end, teams invest money and we want to save the investment. Those are the facts.

“We decided to have an aerokit to save the team’s investments. They can completely change the car but they can [upgrade] and save in terms of mechanical and spare parts. 

“This is really to take care of the investment of big teams, small teams, with Lamborghini.”

Will the EVO be eligible to race in other series beyond Super Trofeo?

“Yes. In Italy, for example, you have a car that already is racing in GT Cup, and also in other championships like GT Open.

“When did the first homologation, we did the homologation of the Super Trofeo taking care about all the rules that was the minimum requirement of the GT3. 

“To do this, the Super Trofeo and the Super Trofeo EVO will be eligible to race in some championships. We have cars that are racing in the 24 Hours of Dubai, we have cars that raced last year and will continue to race again.”

Are there plans to make a special edition Huracán street car based on the EVO?

“You can imagine it is already [being considered] because [when] we did the first Huracán Super Trofeo, we made the Performante.

“We build the Super Trofeo EVO, and it’s clear that we will take inspiration from the street car [version], [race car and vice-versa].

“It’s something that continues to run for a long time.”

John Dagys is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sportscar365. Dagys spent eight years as a motorsports correspondent for and SPEED Channel and has contributed to numerous other motorsports publications worldwide. Contact John


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