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Porsche Fined €25,000 for Homologation Error

Porsche handed large fine for failing to update cars to match new homologation papers…

Photo: Porsche

Porsche has been dealt a €25,000 ($27,500) fine by the FIA for a homologation error found on one of Team Project 1’s 911 RSR GTE-Am cars in post-qualifying scrutineering.

Stewards found that the No. 56 Porsche, which qualified second in GTE-Am, doesn’t comply with its homologation form.

This was because Porsche provided an erratum to update the car’s homologation papers during the Prologue.

The erratum was valid on Aug. 1 but Porsche failed to forward the updated homologation papers or relevant parts to its customer teams.

“The representative from Porsche AG admitted that it was the fault of Porsche AG and explained that they had not enough parts for delivery to their customers but forgot to inform the FIA or their customers,” read the stewards’ decision.

Porsche must now ensure that all cars have been updated to the new homologation papers in time for the next race.

It’s understood that it was the Project 1 car that got caught up in this because it qualified second and therefore went through post-qualifying scrutineering.

The team hasn’t been penalized, as the issue was judged to have been entirely Porsche’s fault, and because it doesn’t gain any performance advantage from not using the new part.

Matteo Cairoli, Egidio Perfetti and David Kolkmann will line up second in GTE-Am tomorrow as the class’ highest-placed Porsche team. 

Jake Kilshaw is a UK-based journalist. He is a graduate of Politics and International Relations.

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