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GT World Challenge Europe

SRO Issues COVID-19 Protocol for Closed-Door Events

SRO issues strict wide-ranging health and safety rulebook for GTWC Europe…

Photo: Audi

Teams in GT World Challenge Europe powered by AWS have received instructions on strict wide-ranging health and safety measures that will be imposed at closed-door race events.

SRO Motorsports Group’s COVID-19 Protocol includes details on permitted personnel at European race events, social distancing requirements, and measures that will be taken to facilitate members of the paddock working remotely.

It is part of a long-term three-phase system for race events devised by the organization, whereby Phase 1 allows for no public access; Phase 2 for limited public access but a closed paddock; and Phase 3 open to public but with restricted paddock access.

The current COVID-19 Protocol document accounts only for events run under Phase 1, which is likely to begin with the new season-opener at Imola in July.

Teams will only be permitted to bring essential personnel to races, while other ‘cells’ will be set up for essential staff to work together with minimal interaction between cells, thus preventing close contact.

These essential cells will include SRO staff, sporting and technical officials, SRO media staff, essential photographers and TV staff.

Each cell will be encouraged to remain together and avoid contact with other cells or paddock members.

Everyone present must wear masks at all times, except for when wearing full-face helmets, and to maintain two-meter social distancing. 

Catering will be strictly limited, VIPs and guests are banned outright, and only SRO media staff and select photographers will be permitted access.

Podium celebrations and grid walks will also be canceled.

A possible mandatory disinfection of cars during driver change pit stops is under consideration, and if it is enforced, a minimum pit stop time will be introduced for all classes.

No word has been given on how long these measures will last, and how they might be relaxed for Phase 2 or Phase 3 events.

Jake Kilshaw is a UK-based journalist. He is a graduate of Politics and International Relations.

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