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Continental Tire IMSA Driver Spotlight: Jonathan Bomarito

This week’s Continental Tire IMSA Driver Spotlight, Jonathan Bomarito…

Photo: IMSA

Photo: IMSA

Driver Spotlight: Jonathan Bomarito
Driver, No. 70 SpeedSource Mazda SKYACTIV-D
Follow: @JBomarito

What has it meant for you to return to SpeedSource and reunite with the team and the Mazda family?

“Driving for SpeedSource and Mazda is an honor. It’s a great group of people who have supported me most of my racing career. I hear the word “family” a lot in relation to Mazda and it’s true. It is a small group of dedicated people who truly want to see drivers fulfill their dreams of becoming professional racing drivers.”

In just the opening two races, what has stood out to you as key areas where the team has made strides over last year?

“Probably the intensity level with all the little things that will make or break your race. Even though our pace is not ready for podiums, the team is. They have been working extremely hard preparing themselves so we are ready when the pace is there.”

What have you learned from co-driver Tristan Nunez thus far, and what do you feel you’ve been able to teach him as he continues his growth and development?

“It’s still very new for both of us to be honest. We are still getting to know each other but everything is going great so far. Tristan is very quick and wants to learn. He can take a suggestion, apply it, and is smart enough to know if it works for him or not. I am confident we will push each other from a lap time perspective which is good.”

What circuits do you feel the Mazda SKYACTIV-D prototype will be able to thrive on for the remainder of the season?

“Mazda Raceway is the first track that comes to mind. Smooth, flowing tracks play into our strengths at the moment. Mazda Raceway is a special place for me, SpeedSource, and Mazda so it would be very special to have our best result to date happen there.”

When you have gaps in the schedule, as is the case in the first half of the year before the schedule intensifies, what are some of your other interests/hobbies?

“Family, working on the house, training and preparing for the next race keeps me busy. Its hard to get in a rhythm with longer breaks at the start of the year but the crew really needs the extra time after two grueling races to kick off the season. Summer comes quick and before you know it, Petit Le Mans is here, and it hits how fast another year went by!”

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