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Continental Tire IMSA Driver Spotlight: Patrick Lindsey

This week’s Continental Tire IMSA Driver Spotlight, Patrick Lindsey…

Photo: IMSA

Photo: IMSA

Driver Spotlight: Patrick Lindsey
Driver, No. 73 Park Place Motorsports Porsche 911 GT America
Follow: @PLindsey73

It’s been something of a breakout year for you, with a couple poles, win, podiums, and some in the paddock are saying you’re driving as well as you ever have. Do you feel you’ve made a performance step this year?

“It’s flattering to hear, and it’s a good question because I try to gauge my performance year-to-year, but you have to focus forward. I think I have driven well this year. There are races and corners I wish I would have done differently but fortunately I have a short memory. We’re always focused on the next race; the only thing we can control is our own performance. I’d like to think I’m helping my team, that’s all I want to do by driving well. Unfortunately we’ve had some bad luck, but so long as I continue to give us opportunities, that’s all you can ask for.”

Last year had a lot of tough luck and was also a bigger field. But to have Spencer Pumpelly on board fully for this year, what has that brought in terms of consistency?

“That’s true. We had a couple different guys last year. He’s not just a great driver, but a calming presence. He comes with experience, and a brand name in North American sports car racing. He’s an asset to the team and to me as a co-driver, with his experience at all tracks. Especially here at VIR where he has so many laps and experience, he can offer tips about going through the Esses the same way. It has proven to be very valuable all year and for the remaining two races.”

How do you balance the roles of driver and team manager?

“The way we have it set up there’s a lot of individual accountability on the team. Bascially I do the manager things when we’re not at the track, so maybe day one and unloading and setting things up. Then I transition to the driver role, and things are kind of on cruise control. Sometimes you have to fill a gap here or there – check-writing exercises on Saturday or Sunday – but for the most part I get to focus on driving. We have great guys who I know will do their job. Having the same guys together, we’re gelling, and we’re just coming into our own as a team.”

Going into COTA, it’s your and the team’s home race. There’s a little extra pressure to perform, right?

“First of all it’s Texas where everything’s bigger and better, right? Besides enjoying Austin and all the people, it is a world class facility, one that hosts the top level of motorsports – Formula 1 – so for us to compete at a track that’s that challenging and environment that that’s big, a facility that’s kind of aweing, when you enter it is just a special thing. It brings a level up for everything. There’s a lot of pressure because Park Place is just up the road in Dallas. There’s a lot of eyes on us. A lot of people visiting. Pressure is on to perform, but probably no more than any other race.”

When do you think you’ll know your 2016 plans? 

“We’re working on it. It’s a good question because we feel like we’re scrambling a bit. We’d look to feel the same with some expansion for next year. I’d say we’re building the architecture, but it feels like we’re juggling 10 balls right now.”

What are some of your hobbies away from the track?

“I have a lot going on, starting in finance, with a mutual fund where I basically do sales for that. I really enjoy that because the markets are a high-level dynamic environment, especially right now.

“I’m also a pilot, I do things in aviation. I also manage a family asset in the form of an airplane. I have a multi-engine commercial license.

“I also enjoy golf, shooting, and some other things. But it seems like racing takes up most of the time though!”

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