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“Dinner With Racers” Returns for Season 2 on Prime Video

Dinner with Racers television series returns for second season on Amazon Prime Video…

Following a successful first season of the “Dinner with Racers” television series, the adaptation of the long-running podcast is back on Amazon’s Prime Video for a second year.

Available now, the first episode, “June, 2020” is available for any member of Amazon Prime via the Prime Video service, with several more episodes slated for the winter.

Originally starting as a podcast in 2015, hosts Ryan Eversley — a factory driver for Honda Performance Development in the professional sports car ranks, and Sean Heckman, a long-time motorsport PR and marketing professional — lead unscripted conversations over meals away from the track.

Previous podcast “dinners” have crossed a number of motorsport spectrums, from legends like Mario Andretti and Tony Stewart, to more behind-the-scenes engineers, media members, and occasional controversial figures.

Adapting to television in 2019, the series takes the foundation of meal conversations to a documentary format, meeting with a number of guests to tell some of the most unique stories in the sport, from the Jamaican racing scene, to the legend of Smokey Yunick, the history of Virginia International Raceway, and even Tim Richmond’s most infamous prank.

In their first episode of Season Two, titled “June, 2020,” the hosts take a six-week, 15,000-mile road trip to visit a variety of race tracks across the country to learn how the current health crisis effects different track types while in shutdown.

From examining the local political culture, to ownership models, the 50-minute piece is a conversational look at just how each track has had to adapt and what unexpected concerns they share.

“It goes without saying this year has been a challenge for everyone,” said Eversley. “We normally produce this series over the course of the year as we balance it with both of our racing schedules, however in 2020 we basically had a one-month window in June to do everything we could before the racing season went back to full swing.

“Our first episode is one we’re especially proud of as without tracks there simply isn’t racing, and we wanted to really understand the seriousness of the position many of these businesses are in.

“We couldn’t be more appreciate of everyone at Continental Tire for their long-time support, Acura for letting us abuse the MDX for 15,000 miles, and our newest partner with Valvoline.”

The series will feature four additional episodes, repeating their 2019 precedent of variety, including animated episodes, a look at a notorious historical figure, and more.

The duo also recorded several stand-alone podcasts during their trip as well, with seven out now including NASCAR Hall of Fame drivers Mark Martin, Bobby Labonte, as well as open wheel star Zach Veach, famed gentleman driver Ben Keating and media legend Bob Jenkins.

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