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Pirelli Paddock Pass: Erin Vogel

This week’s Pirelli Paddock Pass with Flying Lizard Motorsports driver Erin Vogel…

Photo: Flying Lizard Motorsports

Erin Vogel will be making her Pirelli GT4 America debut next month at Sonoma Raceway with Flying Lizard Motorsports. This week in the Pirelli Paddock Pass, Vogel looks ahead to the race, reflects on her time in racing, and more.

What are your emotions heading into your first Pirelli GT4 America race weekend?

“Mainly I’m excited to experience another level of motorsports and to compete with the really phenomenal drivers racing SRO America this season.

“Of course there are some nerves about the competition as well – this will be my first time competing outside of a spec series (though not my first mixed-class racing), so I’m aware there will be a learning curve to driving against a variety of other makes and models of car in my own class.”

What would make it a successful weekend for you?

“If I’m aiming high: starting and finishing within the Top 10! But realistically, if I can be competitive with the other cars and just have two clean races from start to finish I’ll be happy with the weekend and ready for more.

“Either way, I’ll know what work I have to do to make next season successful.”

How did you get into racing, and what racing have you done so far?

“Initially I got into track driving when my family started attending HPDE events with Audi Club North America about 10 years ago.

“I really never thought I’d go racing, but a few years into doing track days I had a female coach tell me ‘the world needs more lady racers’ – and she saw it in me to be one of them.

“I started racing with my Dad in the Inde Motorsports Challenge Series in matching Spec-86 Subaru BRZ, then we moved into Spec Boxster with the Porsche Owners Club and PCA, which eventually led me to Flying Lizard and the Porsche Trophy West series.:

What have you and Flying Lizard Motorsports been doing to prepare you for your debut?

“With the great resources Flying Lizard has access to, I’ve been able to get into some really well set-up cars and work with some of the top racers and coaches out there right now.

“I’ve driven a lot of days already this year between test days and competing in the Porsche Trophy West, which is a really well-run series with a heavy emphasis on driver development.

“I’m learning how to use data and video to make that seat time even more meaningful, and there’s definitely been a tangible improvement in both my driving and my race craft.”

What is your ultimate goal for your motorsports career?

“I’ve followed World Challenge for a few years now, and it’s only within the last year that actually participating at that level seemed like an achievable goal.

“So currently I’m aiming to finish out my season at Porsche Trophy West – hopefully with a class championship – and then participate next season in GT4 America, possibly in SprintX or both Sprint and SprintX.

“We’ll see what opportunities arise from there – but in the long term I hope to be the kind of driver that other drivers enjoy racing and competing against and want to have around the paddock, as well as a positive role model and an inspiration to others.”

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