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Pirelli Paddock Pass: Greg Liefooghe

This week’s Pirelli Paddock Pass with Stephen Cameron Racing driver Greg Liefooghe…

Photo: Brian Cleary/SRO America

Greg Lieofooghe and his Stephen Cameron Racing co-driver have had a strong Pirelli GT4 America season so far, including a remarkable drive through the field in Race 1 at Portland.

This week in the Pirelli Paddock Pass, Liefooghe takes us back to that race, what tracks he’s looking forward to most, and more.

Broadly, how would you assess your season so far with Stephen Cameron Racing?

“It’s been a great season so far for us and I feel we’re ahead of schedule on our goals list. In this series, the biggest differentiating factor is the speed of the AM you’re co-driving with.

“We were planning on having a learning year with Sean and help him develop and grow into the GT4 platform but he has had some great races this year.

“I have been working with him for a few years now and he’s always shown a lot of speed when he is confident and comfortable in the car.

“I’m looking forward to see what kind of performance we can put together as he keeps growing!”

What has been the highlight of the season so far?

“The highlight of our season has to be our weekend at Laguna where we won overall. The car was good from the first session and stayed fast all weekend.

“We didn’t touch the set up, and that doesn’t happen a lot in racing, so you have to enjoy it when it does. It was also Sean’s first pro win and it was great to be able to share that with him.”

The drive you and Sean had through the field in Race 1 at Portland was thoroughly entertaining. What was your stint like behind the wheel?

“The stint felt a bit surreal to be honest. When I saw Sean picking off cars, I knew we had a good platform to work with after we had made some significant changes to the car right before the race.

“When I got in the car, everything lined up, the car was close to perfect, traffic ended helping me, and competitors were making mistakes at the right time for me to capitalize and pass them. It felt good!”

In what areas has the program you have at Stephen Cameron Racing been the strongest this year?

“I think the team as a whole is super strong, we have continuity in the staff, the processes have been tried and tested, it’s a well oiled machine.

“But if I had to pick one thing in particular, it would be our familiarity with the car. It’s our second season with the M4 GT4 and we’ve been running it in two different series.

“We’re still learning every time we go to the track, but we have a good knowledge base to work with.”

Which of the remaining tracks on the schedule are you most looking forward to and why?

“Out of the rest of the schedule, the track I’m looking forward to the most would be Watkins Glen. Since the recent repave, the track has been a dream to drive and the layout makes for great racing.

“Definitely at the very top of my list, right under VIR!”

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