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Evolution of GTE Regulations Possible for 2016

New chassis rules to be proposed at next manufacturer meeting…

Photo: Porsche

Photo: Porsche

While GT convergence talks may be dead, the more than two years of meetings and proposals may not go completely to waste, as part of the regulations could eventually be used in the GTE platform.

The Automobile Club de l’Ouest has revealed that the common, manufacturer-specific chassis, which were to be used in the overhauled GT+ and GT categories, will be proposed to GTE manufacturers during next month’s meetings.

If approved, the new chassis definition would serve as the foundation for an evolution of the GTE rules for 2016.

While all GT manufacturers were in agreement for the yet-to-be-defined new chassis rules, convergence talks broke down over the specifics of restrictors, with the FIA proposing a new torque sensor method and the GTE manufacturers wanting to continue with sonic air restrictors.

The GT3 platform, meanwhile, is expected to remain unchanged for the short-term, although it’s believed that the new torque sensor restrictor may be under consideration for the future.

Sonic air restrictors, however, will remain on GTE cars for the foreseeable future.

The next manufacturers meeting is scheduled for June 6.

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