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Ratel: ADAC’s DTM Takeover to Provide Further Synergies

Common BoP system, non-clashing weekends among benefits to new DTM according to Stephane Ratel…

Photo: Porsche

SRO Motorsports Group founder and CEO Stephane Ratel has voiced his support for ADAC’s takeover of DTM, stating the non-conflicting weekends with Fanatec GT World Challenge Europe powered by AWS and the use of SRO’s Balance of Performance system will result in further synergies to GT racing as a whole.

Announced earlier this month, the brand rights formerly held by the now-defunct ITR have been sold to the German governing body, which has overhauled its structure that includes significant changes to what was known as ADAC GT Masters.

Ratel, whose organization handled the BoP for GT Masters, will now also be in charge of the process in DTM, which will remain single-driver sprint races next year alongside the newly formed ‘DTM Endurance’ for two-driver GT3 and LMP3 races.

Additionally, DTM will switch from Michelin to Pirelli tires, to fall in line with what’s been run in GT Masters and various SRO-run championships globally.

Speaking with Sportscar365 during the recent Gulf 12 Hours meeting in Abu Dhabi, Ratel, the architect behind the GT3 platform, said he’s pleased with the recent set of developments in the German GT racing scene.

“I definitely prefer DTM with ADAC than the previous situation,” he said. “ADAC is working hand in hand with us. We have an excellent collaboration.

“The pillars are non-clashing dates. We worked our calendars together and the calendar they presented for DTM now doesn’t clash with us.

“The BoP, which helps everybody. Even for us, to have another high-level championship like DTM with top cars, top teams, top drivers, helps getting the right data to get the BoP more performing.

“Also our collaboration with GT4. I’m sure with the DTM Trophy ending that GT4 Germany will have a very big grid and we also have a partnership on that. I’m pleased.”

While further details have yet to be released, Ratel has cast questions on ADAC’s move to integrate GT Masters and Prototype Cup Germany into what will now become known as DTM Endurance, featuring GT3 and LMP3 machinery.

The multi-class races are set to see the banning of Platinum-rated drivers and position the series below DTM, which has been met with resistance by a number of existing GT Masters teams.

“I don’t know how DTM Endurance will work into the mix,” Ratel said. “It looks very much like Le Mans [Cup].”

With no date clashes, Ratel added that DTM teams could now easily also take part in the GTWC Europe season, something that had been impossible since the championship’s move to GT3 regulations in 2021.

“It makes it easy,” he said. “There’s non-clashing dates, on Pirellis, same setups. You jump from one weekend to the next. A team can do both in parallel and everything is well.

“I’m happy that DTM is with our friends at ADAC and I’m very honored we will do the BoP. I’m pleased that GT4, not being divided in Germany, will probably be important.

“I think they can reach the same number of cars we have in France. It will be good for all these reasons. It’s excellent for the teams and everybody.”

John Dagys is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of Sportscar365. Dagys spent eight years as a motorsports correspondent for and SPEED Channel and has contributed to numerous other motorsports publications worldwide. Contact John

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