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HARGROVE: A Busy Start to the Year

Porsche Selected Driver Scott Hargrove files his first column for Sportscar365…

Photo: Wright Motorsports

There’s much to be written about a race car driver’s life at the racetrack.

We have a great privilege and often are spoiled during a race weekend. However, my column for Sportscar365 is going to bring you back to my reality, one that’s far less about glitz and glamour, and into the nitty-gritty everyday life of a race car driver.

But first let’s talk about the racing season.

2019 has been extremely exciting as I was recently named a Porsche Selected Driver.

This is a massive step for me and one that’s provided more tools to succeed and an inside view of a manufacturer in the racing world.

This year I’ve joined the IMSA paddock alongside Pfaff Motorsports in GTD and remained in SRO America competition by joining Wright Motorsports. I’m also racing in Pilot Challenge with Andrew Wojteczko Autosport.

Photo: Wright Motorsports

I’ve had the privilege of racing alongside many talented drivers, like Patrick Long, Zach Robichon, Orey Fidani, Lars Kern and Dennis Olsen.

Competing in three championships means 18 race weekends, not including testing. Altogether, it’s approximately half of the year and—of course- about three-quarters of the Canadian summer away from home!

Throughout the last six race weekends, the on-track battles have been intense and our Porsche 911 GT3 R has been very competitive, but I’ve also made a few mistakes with dire consequences.

I find it extremely important to take time away from the race track, not only physically but mentally, especially when things are not going your way.

Photo: Scott Hargrove

This year I tackled a big project away from the racetrack—one that I’ve wanted to achieve for quite a while. As of this week, I succeeded in becoming a homeowner! (And a mortgage owner…)

I am now writing this very column in my office in my new home just outside Vancouver, British Columbia.

It really has everything I could ask for in my first home, three stories, three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a renovated kitchen, a fully finished basement suite, a two-car garage, and the cherry on top, a hot tub.

The last five days have been nothing but packing, moving, and un-boxing. There has certainly been no need to go to the gym this week!

And of course, I’ve spent more time in Costco and IKEA this week then the rest of my life put together.

Photo: Scott Hargrove

My girlfriend Polina has been a huge help throughout the move, reminding me to buy all of the essentials, and stopping me from buying piles and piles of crap, which I definitely would have done without her.

Now that the move is nearly done, my mental focus will slowly shift back to racing as we prepare for the next Blancpain GT World Challenge America race at Sonoma Raceway on June 8-9.

Be sure to follow along as the racing has been quite entertaining.

Scott Hargrove (@Scott_Hargrove) is a Porsche Selected Driver, competing in Blancpain GT World Challenge America for Wright Motorsports, as well as racing in the IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship and Michelin Pilot Challenge in 2019.

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