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Continental Tire IMSA Driver Spotlight: John Pew

This week’s Continental Tire IMSA Driver Spotlight, John Pew…

Photo: IMSA

Photo: IMSA

Driver Spotlight: John Pew
Driver, No. 60 Michael Shank Racing w/Curb Agajanian Ligier JS P2 Honda
Follow: @johnpew1

How has the transition been moving from a DP to a P2 car?

“They’re completely different cars. I was really used to the DP. I think I drove that for eight years and nothing much else, so I was getting pretty good at that. I have a lot of driving habits that relate to the DP but the new Ligier is a fantastic car, there’s no question about it, I love the car. It’s taken me a little bit of time to adjust to the car because of some of these habits from the DP and so I have to think about it and tell my brain to shut out the DP habits, but it’s a fantastic car.

What are some of the adjustments you need to make in a P2 between different tracks – roval, street, natural road course, etc.

“This track (Long Beach) with a DP we ran pretty soft because there are a lot of bumps, especially in the brake zones and curbs. The Ligier likes to run stiff so it’s very difficult, very violent over some of the bumps and some of the curbs so we’ve softened the car up some which has helped. The DP car is really a “point and squirt” car – go deep in the brake zones and go fast out. And the Ligier is really more of a rolling speed through the corners because of the down force.

What does Ozz Negri bring to the table with his additional seat time over in Europe?

“It’s good for Ozz because he gets a lot of information and gets used to the car, it’s the same car, different engine but same chassis, so he’s learning a ton. And both teams are sharing information back and forth so it’s helping a ton.

What do you see as the future of the Prototype class moving forward?

“I think the future is going to be towards the LMP2 mostly because you can run it in Europe and back and forth. I think that’s a real advantage and an advantage for both markets. People from Europe can come over here and we can go over there. It’s a modern, high-tech car that appeals to fans as well.

What do you do off-track to prepare for on-track?

“The week before, I train, I don’t go crazy, I try to rebuild my body and get ready for the race. I really watch my diet all the time race, or not, which helps. My training now is different than when I was younger and trying to build a lot of muscle. I don’t need that extra weight in the car. I need endurance and stamina so I train more for that by biking and things like that. It’s been a while since I’ve checked my heart rate in a car but it can get to around 160 sometimes. It varies a lot which is why I do interval training.”

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