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Callaway Corvette C7 GT3 Project on Hold

Callaway puts development of Corvette C7 GT3 car on hold…


It was expected that Callaway Competition’s Corvette C7 GT3 car would be on track in 2015 but the project has now been put on hold due to the emerging new GT regulations due out the following year. (En Français)

Callaway Competition director Ernst Woehr has confirmed to Endurance Info the delay of the new car.

“It is correct that at the moment it’s unclear how the GT regulations for 2016 will develop and what this will mean for Callaway,” Woehr said.

“We are in fact still working on the development of our GT3 version, but sort of shifted one gear back. Component design in CAD is close to being complete.

“As the factory effort in GTE is influenced by the coming rules in the same way, it is necessary for us to sit down with GM again and discuss the future actions.”

A decision is expected to be made in the coming weeks.

“This meeting is supposed to be in late January,” he said. “I hope after that we will know how to proceed.”

In the meantime, the German team will continue to run a Callaway Corvette Z06 GT3 in the ADAC GT Masters, with the driver lineup of Diego Alessi and Mini Trophy graduate Patrick Assenheimer already confirmed.

Laurent Mercier (@LaurentMercier2) is the Editor-in-Chief of, the leading French-language source for the latest sports car racing news from around the world.

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