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Pirelli Paddock Pass: Jon Mirachi

This week’s Pirelli Paddock Pass featuring Racers Edge Motorsports’ Jon Mirachi…

Photo: Racers Edge Motorsports

Racers Edge Motorsports has been in the thick of the Pirelli World Challenge championship hunt all season with driver Harry Gottsacker.

This week in the Pirelli Paddock Pass, Racers Edge team owner Jon Mirachi updates us on the season so far, the team’s relationship with car constructor SIN, and how his young driver has come into his own.

How would you assess the 2018 season so far?

“Our plan for the 2018 season was to win some races and be in a position to challenge for all the GTS championships. I’d say we accomplished exactly what we set out to do, so I’m very pleased with how it’s gone.

“Our other objective was to help Harry grow into a race winner and establish himself as a professional, which will hopefully move him closer to his goal of being a career professional driver.

“I feel good about our success with that as well and am very proud of Harry and his accomplishments this season.

“I’m very proud of our staff and our program and our 2018 results validate that.”

How much growth have you seen out of your driver Harry Gottsacker?

“I think I mostly answered this above. But, I would add that you can see the difference in his confidence, especially after Portland.

“He races with more authority and has learned a lot about race craft. He’s as good as anyone out there now.”

What would you consider to be the highlight of the season?

“There were lots of exciting moments, but the win at Portland is at the top for a few reasons: obviously Harry drove a flawless race and his pace was superb, but its the way he really put all the lessons together; restarts, defensive driving without blocking and he was totally confident.

“Next was the pit stop call by our engineer, Jim Pattin; his idea was brilliant and it gave us a great advantage. A culmination of the work everyone had put in to that point.”

What is your relationship with SIN like? How much support to they provide relative to the other GT4 programs in PWC?

“We worked very closely with SIN to help develop the car into a race winner. They have been great to work with and our contributions have been welcomed.

“We’re very strong in the technical development side and they’ve allowed us to provide input which I’d say has made a difference.

“They built a great car and from them we receive technical support and some marketing assistance, but no financial assistance.”

What do you know about your plans for 2019 at this stage?

“[For] 2019 I can’t say yet, but we’ve got a plan now and we’re working to implement that. I can say that we really like PWC (especially the people!) and have found a home here.

“With the increased involvement by SRO, we feel great about the future and are looking to expand our program in the series. We hope to announce something soon!”

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